Meetups made easy.

Wanna go for a quick coffee, grab a bite or catch a movie with friends?
We challenge you to arrange a meetup any faster by texting or calling people.

Relevant Contacts

Forget about sorting through hundreds of Fakebook friends. Uwana presents you with your most relevant contacts at all times.

Innovative Timer

The intuitive clock design makes it easy to set time through a natural, single-touch circular motion. It also provides a clear visual cue of the time left to an event.

Platform Independent

Don't have an Android or iPhone device? No worries. You'll receive SMS notifications to which you can reply to confirm your attendance.

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Let's get together!

Hank wants to grab a bite with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. He's a busy guy with no time to waste calling or texting. He invites them to Pollos Hermanos today at 1:30pm.

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When and where?

Jesse's up for lunch but prefers Dennys instead. He's also busy at 1:30pm so he proposes 2pm, and invites his buddy Skinny Pete to join them.

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Platform independent!

Heisenberg is old school and does not have a smartphone. The invite and any future updates will be sent to him through SMS. He replies "YES" to confirm his attendance.

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